Tine McCormick
I plan on aiming to improve my basic drawing skills through self-education using a variety of materials, but figured I should at least test for a baseline. I haven't actively drawn for the sake of drawing in a couple of years, so my drawing had backslid quite a ways. Using Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, I drew a few suggested pictures to find a starting point.

Their suggested baseline drawings:

The Self-Portrait

Yikes. Definitely a carryover from my highschool cartooning days. The eyes are much to large and unusually asymmentrical, the hair is highly symbolic, and the face is very angular. The nose is relatively accurate in representing my own, but the remainder of the drawing is... leaving much to be desired.

My Left Hand

Okay, this could have been worse. The fingers are a tad bulbous, the thumb is off, but at least I have captured a hand-like essence.

A Person from Memory

Not a specific person, mind you, but a gestalt "person". Again, very cartoonish, simplified, and linear. At least I know it's only up from here (I hope).

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